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Farmson is in the 50th year of operation and has attained the leadership status in the manufacturing of API Paracetamol/Acetaminophen with dominant position in domestic market and a significant presence on the global stage with presence in all the major markets worldwide.
We have two sate of the art dedicated manufacturing facilities for API Paracetamol with identical capacity and manufacturing process. Our combined manufacturing capacity is in excess of 25000 MT annually. Our both the sites are located at Nandesari in Vadodara, Gujarat in western part of India.
Farmson’s strength is the full backward integration for the intermediate Para Amino Phenol with the third manufacturing site also located nearby the Paracetamol manufacturing sites and with capacity sufficient enough to meet its requirement.
Farmson Inspiration
Farmson is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of API Paracetamol / Acetaminophen based in India with a strong global presence and dominant position in the domestic market. We are equipped with three state-of-art manufacturing units, two units manufacturing Paracetamol based at Nandesari, Vadodara and the third unit for manufacturing Para Amino Phenol based at Jhagadia in the state of Gujarat, in western part of India.
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