Self-sustenance: Backward integration for our key raw material PAP with zero dependencies on Chinese supply. This has resulted in reduced resource consumption to a great extent.

Conscious efforts towards protection of the environment: No use of solvents in manufacturing of Paracetamol.

Environment & Cost Friendly: Use of Hydrogenation technology for manufacturing of key starting material.

Alternate Energy Resources: Installation of Solar Panels resulting in power generation of about 11% of total contract demand.

  • 450 KW Solar Plant at Chhindra village, Jambusar.
  • 1 MW Solar Plant at Deesa village (Khimat), Banaskantha
  • 750 KW Solar Plant at Pisai village, Dabhoi

Cogeneration & Energy Conservation: Back pressure steam turbine power generation of about 25% of total contract demand.

Voluntary Stewardship: Awarded with RC Logo from Indian Chemical Council (ICC).

Green Technology Initiative: Multiple Effective Evaporator (MEE) plant installed to process total effluent for water salvaging.

Installed Glacial Acetic Acid plant to curb carbon footprints: Earlier we were selling around 2,72,000 liter/ day of Dilute Acetic Acid to different industries; now we concentrate the same up to 99.5% & sell Glacial Acetic Acid, thereby reducing the transportation quantity by 2,18,000 liter/day.

Striking balance between people, planet & profit: Expert training committees formed to recognize safety hazards & understand best safety practices.

Workplace Safety for the most vital resource: Proper safety measures are taken in the plant to mitigate risk.