Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance Wing is supported by a well-equipped laboratory that ensures adherence to the stringent international norms and standards. State of the art instrumentation is used for analysis as well as quality control of all raw materials, intermediates and final products. The quality department has its own Wet Lab, Instrumentation and Microbiology Lab.
Farmson's Paracetamol meets the tests specified in all Pharmacopoeia – IP, BP, USP, Ph.Eur and JP. We ensure compliance to additional tests over and above the specified to achieve a new benchmark of quality. These additional tests are important to all those who believe in buying the best such as checking the presence of colored impurities and extraneous matter. Thus, Farmson gives you a Pharmacopoeia plus grade that will ensure highly efficient results in your manufacturing processes.
Production at Farmson under the ambit of Quality Assurance covers the wide range of concepts that influence and enhance the quality of products. Our final product is delivered following Standard Operating Procedures of production, Good Manufacturing Practices and stringent quality control procedures. Delivering exemplary and consistent quality of API Paracetamol / Acetaminophen devoid of any contamination by constant risk identification and effective risk mitigation is continuous endeavor of our Quality Assurance.
Additional Test Recommended:
Test I: To check Colored Impurities
Test II: To check Extraneous Matter
We can produce Paracetamol IP, BP, USP, Ph-Eur, JP, CP et al of even more stringent specifications, as per customer's request.