Farmson Pharmaceuticals Achieves Remarkable Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability through Innovative Power Generation 

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Farmson Pharmaceuticals has harnessed the power of innovation and efficiency across all three of its operational facilities. At peak capacity, the company has successfully implemented a cost-effective energy generation solution. This achievement comes in the form of back-pressure steam turbines, strategically positioned downstream of their coal-fired steam boilers. This innovative setup has enabled Farmson to generate an impressive 2.5 MW of electricity. The remarkable aspect is that this electricity is produced at an exceptionally low cost when compared to their current overall power consumption, which stands at 9 MW.

Farmson’s commitment to sustainability and economic viability shines through in their energy strategy. By incorporating back-pressure steam turbines into their existing infrastructure, they’ve not only optimized their power generation but also significantly reduced their energy expenditure. This forward-thinking approach not only bolsters Farmson’s operational efficiency but also underscores their dedication to environmentally responsible practices and long-term cost savings.